The Underground Thieves are an independent rock band from Philadelphia led by artist, songwriter, and producer Nick Perri


“The Thieves set themselves apart with their blues and rock infused roots Americana music, mixing sweet harmonies and vocals, backed by scorching guitar work and a solid rhythm section. This is more than just a group of friends or gathering of musicians, this is like a family.”  

-Patchchord News 


The group consists of Perri on vocals and guitar, singers/songwriters Anthony and Michael Montesano, bassist Brian Weaver, keyboardist/songwriter Justin DiFebbo, and drummer Zil Fessler, all of whom originate from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 


In addition to touring the US, both in headlining and supporting slots, the band’s first year has included a bold rollout of its music, with a new single being unveiled every few months. 


The band’s music and accompanying short films have received praise from around the globe, with single “White Noise” being named ‘song of the week’ in the UK at, describing it as “An enveloping swirl of 70s glam-tinged vocals and warming, melodious Americana that grows into something bigger and almost psychedelic..."


“Whole Lotta Money”, the band’s most recent release, has already earned acclaim for its captivating sounds and confident moods from industry contemporaries, including Greta Van Fleet’s Danny Wagner, Blackberry Smoke’s Charlie Starr, and Gibson’s Director of Brand Experience, Mark Agnesi. 

“I haven’t heard a song that has made me LITERALLY want to get up and get a guitar and start playing immediately since I was a little kid.” - Danny Wagner 

“This song is infectious. You can’t not boogie when you hear it. And, not only does it contain Nick Perri’s fantastic guitar playing, but he has stepped up to the vocal mic and is singing his ass off[.]”

- Charlie Starr 

“The guitar playing, the tones, that drum groove, the hook...everything about it is infectious.”

- Mark Agnesi 

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Photo by Derek Brad

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